Running the Gamut: From Sliders to Authentic Sushi to Spicy Indian Food

September 12, 2016

Where: Columbus, Ohio

What: Original Sliders, Japanese Food, Home Made Indian

Believe it or not, Columbus, Ohio has an AMAZING food scene. I've lived in 3 countries and nine states-- Only Boston's food scene is better, and even then, it's a close call. Because of the incredible choice of restaurants, I try and hit as many as humanly possible when I am there, either solo or with friends.

This afternoon, I went by myself to Tensuke Market. Well, first I went to the drive thru at White Castle, because, it's WHITE CASTLE, and ordered one cheese slider and one veggie slider (just to try it and it was pretty good!). I am proud to say that I only ate half of each slider, saving room for some of the BEST Japanese food in the Midwest. Tensuke is a Japanese grocery store, surrounded by impeccable Japanese restaurants. But, Tensuke offers a plethora of authentic Japanese foods to-go at ridiculously reasonable prices. I picked up a half dozen salmon onigiri (rice triangles filled with cooked salmon, wrapped in seaweed and UNBELIEVABLY delicious at under $2 a piece), a box of mixed sushi and a shopping cart brimming with Japanese groceries to take back home. My instinct to quell my hunger with a little White Castle starter was on point, as it prevented me from ripping into the onigiri as soon as I got into the car.

This evening, I met a friend for a glass of wine and then carried on to another friend's house for a gathering of buddies from elementary school. I made a spread of spicy Indian dishes that was as sassy as the conversation. Saag Paneer, Chicken Curry, Garlicky Chickpea/Tomato Curry with Basmati and Naan. We all had bad breath and full hearts (some of them burning).