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My name is Jenny Brulé. I think about food all the time. I'm either shopping for food, cooking it, eating it, talking about it, researching it, writing about it, or day dreaming of it. Thoughts of cooking and food consume me.

I met an astrologer once who told me that in a past life I starved to death and have spent every lifetime since then trying to feed people. Fair enough.

I develop recipes for national magazines, like Cooking Light, Shape, Fitness and Draft Magazine. I also write for regional magazines. I am an on-air chef for the Carolina's largest NBC affiliate, WCNC as well as a regular on ABC Charleston, and the Food Network chose me to be in 5 cooking videos for their website. I'll finish by saying that, I've done other stuff but am most excited right now to be writing my second cookbook for UNC Press due out autumn 2018.

More importantly, I am Momma to 4, quirky daughters, friend to 3 floppy dachshunds and wife to 1 (not surprisingly) grumpy husband. We've moved upwards of 7 times, to 7 states and 3 countries. No, we are not on the run from the law. 

Finally, get in touch! Send me an email! Let's talk about food!